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Main Tasks

The research plan is composed by  main tasks:

   1. State-of-the-art update
   2. Development of new thermal insulation composites
   3. Performance evaluation of the new composites
   4. Development and performance evaluation of LSF elements
   5. Life cycle assessment
   6. Dissemination

Task 1 aims to keep the team updated regarding the research topics addressed in this project, given the frequent new advances achieved. Task 2 intend to develop a new eco-friendly and cost-effective insulation composite material, being this the most important task and therefore a very significant share of human and monetary resources was assigned to it. Task 3 purpose the characterization of the previously developed composite materials in order to evaluate its performance. Task 4 aims to evaluate the thermal and acoustic performance and optimize the use of the material in LSF walls in order take maximum advantage of it. Task 5 intend to perform a life cycle evaluation of the new insulation material in terms of environmental impacts and costs. Task 6 involves the dissemination of the research project achievements using a webpage and organizing a technical workshop.

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